Standing Out Among The Top Order Fulfillment Companies

Fulfillment Company: Premium, Promotional, ECommerce

Turning Expectations into Results

For more than 40 years Wolff/SMG has been helping our clients expand their markets and grow their customer base. We’re a one-stop-shop for warehousing, promotional support & order fulfillment services, and we excel at “support, pack, ship” operations.

If you’re looking for a order fulfillment services that offers outstanding value, exceptional quality, consistent performance and excellent customer support services, look no further.

Our History

From our roots as a promotional agency to our position today as the renowned provider of promotional support & order fulfillment services, we’ve stood the test of time by consistently delivering what others only promise.

Promotional Roots Grow Deep

Founded in 1935 as a traditional advertising communications agency, Wolff Associates developed successful promotional programs for an array of B2C and B2B clients for many years.

As its dedication to and experience with promotional programs grew, the company migrated its business to the experiential marketing & relationship development arena, creating an outstanding center of excellence that expertly and affordably helps clients meet and exceed their fulfillment objectives.

This rich history has helped Wolff/SMG become the recognized leader among order fulfillment companies that it is today, providing fulfillment and promotional support services to an ever-growing number of businesses and organizations nationwide.

Executive Team

Wolff/SMG presents a cohesive, experienced team that works well together, have complementary skills, and who always “sweat” the details. We watch budgets closely, managing each dollar as our own and showing a great deal of pride in our work, genuinely caring about each client we serve. Our team is proactive, responsive, and complete - you can count on each member of the team for dependability, thoroughness, and attention to detail. See why we stand out as one of the highest quality order fulfillment companies in the industry.

Ray DelMonte

Decades of experience has given Ray the skills to successfully oversee program management, sales/service, budget management, and the execution of promotional support programs. He applies his expertise in all areas of Wolff/SMG’s operations. As a USPS expert in mailing specifications, classifications, packaging, postage rates and regulations, as well as proficiency with LTL and delivery carriers.

Clients benefit from his extensive knowledge and focus on customer service, open and proactive communications, budget development and management. With his extensive experience in strategic marketing and program development, program execution operations and project management, Ray is an active and valuable member of the Wolff/SMG client services group where he is never out of touch with each client and always aware of clients’ business operations.

Jennifer Whitcomb
Operations and Client Services Director

With years of customer service experience and an intense devotion to service excellence and attention to detail, Jennifer is proactive in interfacing with staff, clients, and management team members. Outstanding computer and file management skills, proficiency in Excel, a demonstrable dedication to quality and proactive communication with clients,

Jennifer is the ‘go-to’ person for operations questions managing operations including file management, production operations, quality assurance shipping/receiving, inventory management, and productivity monitoring that provides the oversight to fulfill Wolff/SMG’s commitment to outstanding customer service. Jennifer is a key member of the management team that helps to make Wolff/SMG the excellent resource for fulfillment, kitting, and special program execution.

Brian Kroll
Logistics and Warehouse Manager

Extensive “hands-on” inventory management experience. Delivers quality in shipping/receiving and operations involving thousands of SKUs, pallets in multiple locations, interfaces with all company operations.

Ongoing supervision and mentoring of staff, direct interface with clients, shipper carriers and USPS outbound mail operations make Brian a key member of the Wolff/SMG management and client services teams.