Back Order Management & Fulfillment

No matter what space your business operates in, Wolff/SMG has the tools, knowledge, and experience you’re looking for in a backorder fulfillment partner. Whether you operate digitally or are rooted in more traditional methods, Wolff/SMG guarantees our process can perfectly complement yours, meeting your back order management needs and the needs of your customers.

Pristine Packaging

Back-issue and collateral fulfillment requires consistent attention to detail. With a direct-to-consumer, Wolff/SMG pays attention to the details and understands the importance that all orders are fulfilled correctly, efficiently, and in a way that is visually pleasing to the end recipient. To the customer, we are you! Our careful picking and packing ensures that the right items are shipped and that there will be no damage, with all products arriving looking as good as they did when they left the fulfillment center.

Unlike others, Wolff/SMG offers a choice of shipping and packaging materials, so you have extra freedom and control to ensure your products look exactly how you’d imagine upon arrival. Wolff/SMG’s choices for destination-delivered back-issue and collateral orders include:

  • Box packaging for multiple items
  • Gaylord packaging for very large quantity shipments
  • Individual wrapping for archival issues
  • Single boxing
  • Special arrangements
  • Stayflat, poly, paper, bubble, and Earth-friendly mailers

Wolff/SMG Backorder Fulfillment Services

With years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers, we take pride in the outstanding execution and value we provide in the areas of back order management and fulfillment services. What’s more, you can rest assured your orders will be picked and packed by trained professionals who specialize in backorder fulfillment.

For 99% of businesses, partnering with Wolff/SMG will be both faster and cheaper than trying to do your own order fulfillment in-house. Plus, we take care of all of your kitting requirements. In successful Back-issue & Collateral programs, it is critical that multiple items assembled into a kit are well-packed to eliminate damage in transit. Wolff/SMG has produced thousands of kits and knows what to do to be sure your kitted items are perfectly delivered. And, as with all of our services, you have a dedicated point person to assist with program execution, so there’s always someone ready, willing, and accountable for the details of your collateral requirements.

See what Wolff/SMG’s picking & packing expertise can do for you.

Why Wolff/SMG for Back-issues & Collateral?

Wolff/SMG proudly offers scalable operations, from just a few to thousands of products, containing anywhere from several to several hundred components. Wolff/SMG sweats the details and makes sure all aspects of the order are perfect because, where others see picky details, we see factors that directly correlate to customers’ perception of your brand.

By taking advantage of outsourcing your order fulfillment, you get a flexible partner and space that can scale with you as you grow. You no longer have to worry about shelf space, inventory, or, worse yet, being stuck with a lease for an expensive space you might not even need. In a Back-issues or Collateral program, managing, correctly reporting, and preserving the integrity of the inventory are critical components of the process. You can depend on Wolff/SMG for exceptional back order management, prompt and accurate inventory reports, and experienced, available staff to answer questions by phone, email, or live chat.

We Price It Right

Our position as one of the country’s few certified USPS Business Alliance Partners helps ensure you’re getting the best possible delivery service while saving money and avoiding hassles. Given the high volume of mail we move on a regular basis, we’re able to provide significant postal service discounts to our customers.

Not only do you receive a great rate, we also provide proactive notices of upcoming regulation changes & rate increases, fast turnaround on postal classification rulings or questions, and expert help addressing any issues or concerns - including international shipping. In fact, Wolff/SMG is a post office with a USPS postmaster on site daily - mail is accepted by USPS from our docks, loaded into USPS trucks, and immediately entered in the USPS mail system. No delays, no consolidators, no aggregators - Wolff/SMG handles it all!

Need expert web, mail-in, or email order fulfillment? Wolff/SMG can help.

Dedicated to the Details

Wolff/SMG has an in-house customer service team and call center staffed with live operators who facilitate inbound & outbound email, live chat, and inbound mail, ensuring each customer experience is individually handled. We know that as your resource to the customer, we are you, and we are focused on delivering excellence in customer service every time.

Wolff/SMG is equipped with fiber technology connectivity, experienced staff, back up systems, databases to deliver answers to customer questions with no callbacks, inventory reports to eliminate “out of stock” issues, and access to items on-site for physical review any issues with the customer. Simply put, Wolff/SMG sweats the details, presenting billing details of individuals’ activities and charges that are clear and complete.

Always Available

Wolff/SMG also understands that when a customer has an emergency and reaches out, they want a fast answer that is complete and actually solves their problem. With the people, technology, data access, and passion for customer service excellence, Wolff/SMG staff deliver quality service each and every time.

If orders are to be entered, credit cards or check payments processed, Wolff/SMG handles it all with zero customer confusion and no need for a call back. Truly on call - Wolff/SMG does it all!

Ready to take your order, back issue/replacement, and fulfillment operations to the next level?

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