Kitting and Fulfillment Services

Kitting & Gift Bag Assembly

Kitting and gift fulfillment services involve putting together individual items to create a ready-to-ship product.

For example, you might combine a hat, a pair of socks, and a t-shirt to create an “apparel” gift bag. When done correctly, kits and gift bags delight and captivate customers, adding tremendous value to your company and brand.

Getting Kitting Right the First Time

Gift bag, kitting and fulfillment services require consistent attention to detail. It’s more than simply pulling a product off a shelf; you need skilled workers who can compile, package, and send your kits while being attentive to the aesthetics of the package. Our careful packing ensures that there are no product problems like leaks or spills, tops coming off of liquids, or products getting broken in transport.

Plus, unlike a singular product, kits and gift bags are often personalized, necessitating flexibility in assembly to accommodate continually changing needs. Wolff/SMG’s proven ability to pack and kit variable products, from cosmetics to industrial components and from single packs to multi-element kits, is the reason we are the go-to service provider for many major firms.

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Why Wolff/SMG for Kitting and Fulfillment Services

Given the complexities of kitting and gift bag assembly, many clients worry that their kits won’t arrive in as pristine a condition as desired. Wolff/SMG performs quality checks throughout the process—from picking to packing to shipping—to ensure assembly and component integrity so kits and bags are ready for vending upon arrival. Our ability to ship with low-to-no-damage risk negates these worries so you can rest assured that your kits will arrive looking exactly as they should.

And, as with all of our services, you have a dedicated point person to assist with program execution, so there’s always someone ready, willing, and accountable for the details of your kit and gift bag requirements.

Assembly For Our Kitting and Fulfillment Services

With years of experience and hundreds of happy customers, we take pride in the outstanding execution and value we provide to customers in need of kitting and gift bag assembly services.

We proudly offer scalable operations, from just a few to thousands of kits and gift bags, containing anywhere from a couple to a couple hundred components. Wolff/SMG sweats the details and makes sure all aspects of the kit or gift bag are perfect because where others see picky details, we see factors that directly correlate to a customers’ perception of your brand.

Details Show

with our kitting and fulfillment services is of the utmost importance to us, and Wolff/SMG pays special attention to the details and aesthetics of each gift bag or kit we assemble. We take great care to ensure there is no leakage of materials, no unwanted spraying, and absolutely no damage during transit. Unlike some competitors, we offer you the choice of shipping and packaging materials, so you have extra freedom and control to ensure your kits look exactly how they’d imagine upon arrival.

Wolff/SMG’s choices for destination-delivered kits and gift bags include:

  • Box packaging for multiple gift bags
  • Gaylord packaging
  • Individual or kit gift wrapping
  • Single boxing
  • Special arrangements

Our specialty packaging and kitting options include:

  • Kit inclusion into larger packs
  • Special occasion kits for events, awards, presentations, holidays, etc.
  • Customization of kit parameters for specialized programs/offers
  • B2B and consumer product(s) kits

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The Wolff/SMG Difference

Wolff/SMG takes great care in how our kits and gift bags arrive to our clients, and we promise on-time delivery.

This includes delivering gift bags directly to the designated event site within the venue location, not just leaving them at an office or address for someone else to deal with. We also ensure per-item weight is under 20-25 lbs. for ease of handling following on-site delivery.

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